Friday, 14 July 2017


In his latest "Nameless" Podcast, Andy Nowicki discusses how, according to a new Pew poll, conservative-leaning Americans (read: non-SWPL white people) are growing increasingly radical in their opposition to the predominant opinion-shaping institutions of the country, namely the media and the academy.

What is driving this trend, and what does this trend portend? Andy speculates, with reference to various unseemly exhibits, including a homo-erotic ESPN magazine cover and a teen magazine's recent endorsement of adolescent buggery.


  1. Christians are such hypocrites! They deny that Adolf Hitler was one of their own. That most infamous tyrant certainly got his ideas about the Jewish people from the New Testament (CF. Eric Zuesses' fine book, "Why The Holocaust Happened"). Infuriatingly, they smear the Fuhrer as some form of Pagan, rather than one of their number.

    Said Christians, even have the temerity to pretend to love the Jewish people, worshipping them as "The Chosen People", and praising The State of Israel. Candidly, I suspect that they see The State as a place of Quarantine where they plan to send Jews, when the time comes.

    Nothing really makes me feel more loathing and hatred, than the Televangelists and their false affection for Jewish people. Mind you, Jews themselves are not fooled. After all, however one may feel about the Jewish people, they are most cunning.

    1. The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity's illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew.

      - Adolf Hitler from "Hitler's Table Talk," page 7.

      "Hitler's Table Talk" consists of comments Hitler made in private to associates. These were copied with Hitler's permission by a secretary.

  2. The potential for conflict you mention near the end of the podcast is one of two possible end goals. The aggressive push is meant to provoke a radical and violent response. "Middle America" as well as Europeans in Europe have let themselves get stuck in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation. If you don't resist, there's a generally orderly transfer of power to the Left and all their constituents. The useful idiot commies and homosexuals eventually get liquidated and Islam or some circle-jerkular global hybridization of world religions with Islam predominant takes over. If there is civil war, it will become worldwide war anyways and Western civilization is destroyed or diminished. A civil war in the USA or in the European states won't occur in a vacuum. In this scenario the commies, homosexuals and muslims get liquidated but some greater evil rises.

    So resist, because rolling over and playing dead sucks. But know you're walking into a trap. Be mindful of an even greater evil that will rise after you've triggered the trap. Yes this is Illuminati Conspiracy type shit but that is how I see it playing out. The globalist plan (order out of chaos) plays out one way or the other, but I don't know how it plays out after the west wears itself out with civil war. But there's something to be sure.

    1. I would add that the best resistance would be for folks to form resilient local communities that shrug off the State and propaganda as much as possible. Walking away from the surrender/war dichotomy, in my opinion, is the best option. Of course when people are enraged, their first thoughts aren't to issue a local currency, farm fish in their swimming pools, open a community home-school or build a parallel internet with wireless technology. They'll likely reach for ol' bessy and start shooting. And that scenario would suck.



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